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Pothen Vava

Mammootty and Joshiy team up for "Pothen Vava" about a person brought up without a proper name and religion.

Usha Uthup, the original diva of Indipop, plays an important role and is an added USP of the film penned by Benny P. Nayaramblam.

It offers a heady mix for sure. But how much kick do we get out of it? Yes, you get high initially with Usha showing an energy reminiscent of Philomina's character in the "Godfather".

This is followed by Mammootty's grand second entry (the first one happened before the flashback) and incessant flow of witty dialogues, which builds Vava's character.

You stay excited as the film proceeds to tell a promising story.

It is about Vava (Mammootty) born to a Christian mother (Usha Uthup) and a Nampoothiri (Nedumudi Venu) father. They were divorced when he was just a baby. The court gave the baby to the mother and said he would have the right to choose his religion when he is mature enough.

The choice does not seem to happen and Vava continues his nameless, religion-less existence, till one dramatic event forces him to become Christian.

But his mother puts down the condition that Vava should seek his father's permission before taking the final plunge. Till this the going is great. The downward spiral begins post-intermission when Vava chases down his father, who has now become a renowned Carnatic singer.

The hero saves his father after a life-threatening road accident. It turns out to have been an attempt on the singer's life for his property and suddenly you find yourself face to face with a theme typical of the Sai Kumar-Babu Raj team.

This film could have been outstanding had it not diverged from its initial course and continued as in "Kunjikoonan" and "Chandupottu" (both scripted by Benny P. Nayarambalam). But the filmmaker chose the tried and tested route, leading to the most contrived climax in recent times.

Mammootty does a good job, but when the film becomes packaged material we can only feel sorry for him. Though he tries hard to retain the spontaneity and sparkle of the first half, the situation lets him down.

Why do our heroes have to be Tharvadi Themmadis, why not ordinary folks as they were in the past?

Usha as Mariamma Vakil is also good, but her presence is not utilised fully. The initial push she gives to the film slowly loses its force. Gopika as Gladys, the former assistant of Mariamma, exudes charm.

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Bhargavacharitham Moonam Khandam (2006)

Cast: Mammootty, Sreenivasan, Sai Kumar and Padmapriya
Language: Malayalam
Director: Joemon
Screenplay: Sreenivasan
Producer: Noushad

Malayalam superstar Mammootty's offering for his fans this Onam -"Bhargavacharitham Moonam Khandam" -, is a rip-off of Hollywood flick "Analyze This". Directed by Joemon, the film is co-written by Sreenivasan, who has also played a significant role in the film.

This is yet another attempt by Mammootty to succeed in comedy, but it leaves us dissatisfied.

The story revolves around a notorious criminal 'Current Bhargavan' (Mammootty), who has lost the confidence to pick up a gun or resort to any kind of violence.

So, he seeks the help of a renowned psychiatrist Dr. Shantharam (Sreenivasan). The film is about what follows. This tangled tale may look good on paper, but its execution leaves audiences' hopes punctured.

The main fault lies with director Joemon, who does nothing inventive with the characters and the viewers end up bearing with a stylishly dressed Mammootty showing off fancy caps.

The ever-sarcastic Sreenivasan lampoons the psychiatric profession in his repetitive style. Sample this dialogue: "For a psychiatrist, everybody is mad."

The film is strewn with many such dialogues that succeed in inducing forced chuckles only and not a good full-throated laughter.

Coming back to the story, it is futile to seek plausibility in such plots but there are a few situations that jar in-spite of our low expectations.

Bhargavan is infamous for his marijuana cultivations in the forest land of Kerala and is suspected to have abducted and killed an honest officer of the narcotics department, but still he roams freely around.

The other characters in the film just make fleeting appearances. Rahman as one of the officers of narcotics department and would be brother-in-law of Sreenivasan makes his presence felt. But Sai Kumar as Rahman's chief and Bhargavan go overboard.

It seems that Sreenivasan tried to repeat the success of "Udayananu Tharam" but it backfired. A more realistic plot might have worked better.

This Onam will be lacklustre for Mammootty fans.

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Balram Vs Tara Das

After 15 years I.V.Sasi and Mammootty who have done a record 34 films together are back in Balram Vs Taradas. It is vintage Sasi and after a long gap Mammootty is outstanding as Balram the cynical, frustrated, honest cop and Taradas the suave, romantic, cunning smuggler.

The film works due to the Sasi formula of the 80’s-cop Vs robbers who are hand-in-glove with corrupt politicians and senior police officers. The scriptwriters T.Damodaran and S.N.Swamy’s kallanum poleesum katha is well-etched out and what makes the film worth watching is the racy manner in which it is presented along with Mammootty’s fire-brand performance.

For the first time in Indian cinema two popular characters Balram (Avanazhi, Inspector Balram) and Taradas (Athirathram) from two different films by the same director-actor combo are coming face to face. The USP of the film is the chemistry between the predator (cop Balram) and prey (smuggler Taradas) which crackles with energy as both are daggers drawn. There are some interesting confrontation scenes though the climax has not been worked out well.

The plot- Now Inspector Balram (Mammootty) has become Deputy Superintendent of Police. During the construction of a College, a huge cache of weapons is unearthed from the land belonging to Hussain Sahib (Riza Bava). The Chief Minister appoints Balram to investigate the case along with Varma (Mukesh). The leads all points to the International smuggler Taradas (Mammootty) who is settled in Dubai. Taradas is the king maker of Kerala politics and has a state minister Mustafa as his right-hand man along with a local MLA Rani (Vani Viswanath) and a bunch of baddies ( Rajmohan Unnithan, ‘Spadikam’ George and others).

However, the ruthless Taradas has only one weakness-Film star Supriya (Katrina Kaif) who is deeply in love with the don. Balram works on this weakness and frames her up and puts her in jail. Taradas loses cool as he says – “Supriya is more precious than anything else in the world”. This leads to the confrontation between the cop and the don who has also the support from the government and a highly corrupt cop George (Siddique). And what follows is a cat and mouse game leading to a tame climax.

Analysis - On the down side, there is basically no story and the climax is a bit of letdown as Taradas is glorified as he has a change of heart. Actually the film is a clash between the two protagonists with different images. It is difficult to say who is better- Balram or Taradas, as Mammootty makes both the characters come alive. Katrina is perfect as Supriya the petite, touch-me-not film actress and has been well presented by Sasi. The comedy track of Jagadish and Kalpana as husband and wife police officers is funny along with Sreenivasan as the editor of a yellow rag.

Technically - Balram Vs Taradas is savvy with good camerawork by Sanjeev Sankar. The film has a rich look with some stunning scenes in Dubai including Taradas driving a Hummer SUV, designer suits and posh villas. Songs tuned by Jassie Gift are peppy especially the “Mathapoove…” song sung and picturised on Afzal and Rimy Tomy. Thanks God Mammooty does not shake a leg this time!

On the whole, Sasi has made a comeback with a racy entertainer. So go ahead and make your matinee.

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Blessy, who earlier gave us Kaazhcha and Thanmathra, now amazes and impresses us with Palunku, his latest offering. While the first half of the film sometimes leaves us wondering as to what the film is all about and whether Blessy's career graph is going for a dip, the post-interval section simply leaves us spellbound and exclaiming that Palunku is Blessy's best till date. The film has outscored Kaazhcha and Thanmathra, subject-wise and treatment-wise, though it may perhaps not be a crowd puller or appease die-hard fans of lead man Mammootty.

Palunku tells the story of an industrious farmer Monichan and his family, which consists of his wife Susamma, and his daughters Geethu and Neethu, whom he lovingly calls 'Ponnu' and 'Kilunthu'. Monichan is happy with his life as a farmer and loves his family, his profession, nature and the people around him.

At a juncture in his life, he is forced to take his daughters to a school in the town, simply because the school in his village cannot accommodate his elder daughter, who is in fifth standard, as there are not enough students to run classes. Thus Geethu and Neethu join an English medium school. Monichan brings the children to school every morning and hangs around in town till evening to take them back.

In the course of this routine, Monichan gets close to Soman Pillai, a shrewd lottery agent, who knows all short-cuts to earn money. Soman Pillai becomes Monichan's advisor. Monichan buys a bicycle and the father and the daughters now travel to town and back on the bicycle. In the meantime Monichan joins a class conducted for elders and starts learning to read and write Malayalam as well as English. A minor accident makes Monichan shift over to the town along with his family.

Once in town, Monichan finds himself entrapped in a vicious circle. He, with all help from Soman Pillai, begins to tread on the wrong path, lending out money, and doing things not entirely above board. His life changes slowly. He is no more the naive farmer he used to be. Even his wife has changed. She spends her time watching soaps on TV and dreaming about modern household amenities. But fate has something else in store for them.

Mammootty gives a stellar performance as Monichan and he proves that he is just irreplaceable as far as such roles are concerned. New girl Lakshmi Sharma as Susamma is a good choice. The children Nazrin (as Geethu) and Niveditha (as Neethu) have done full justice to their roles. Jagathy Sreekumar as Soman Pillai and Nedumudi Venu as the teacher are quite impressive. All the others in the cast too have done well.

Technically the film is superb without the cinematographer (Santhosh Thundiyil of Krish fame) or the editor (Raja Muhammed) having to indulge in any gimmicks. The songs too jell with the theme and the situations. The star of the film however, is the director himself. Blessy has done an excellent job with the script as well as the direction.

Every element finds its way into the film - irony, allegory, sentiment, and humour - all in good measure without ever tending to be melodramatic or overtly sentimental. Palunku is a slice of contemporary life and has universal appeal. It is rarely that such films happen in mainstream Malayalam cinema. Hats off to Blessy for coming up with such a bold initiative without falling prey to the demands of the box office!

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Palunku Mammootty Malayalam movie - Comedy Scene

Pottu Thotta Sundari

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Karutha Pakshikal

Cast : Mammootty, Shradha, Meena, Padmapriya, Jagathy, Salim Kumar, T G Ravi, Indrans, Shreehari
Director : Kamal
Music Director : Mohan Sithara
Producer : Vallabhan

Karutha Pakshikal' ultimately belongs to writer-director Kamal, who has made the movie firmly under control. Tightly written and well-directed, he shows no nervousness handling a genre different from what he or other Malluwood commercial filmmakers have handled before. Hope he continues experimenting with such themes -- realistically and without compromises.

In a recent interview Kamal had cited that he had been compromising all these days in filmdom,and this film is the one that had the least compromises. Says Kamal, '' As all of us are making films for this hypocritical society, we try not to show the bitter truth. We hide such realities because we know people will not like to see those things''. And here the film stays apart is definitely due to its originality and nonsensical nature. Refreshingly, he hasn't allowed much stereotypes to get in the way of good storytelling -- a style that comes easily to him after his long mainstream innings. Some films attempt to showcase a series of wonderful moments and tend to go overboard, but Karutha Pakshikal captures many poignant moments and tells it as simply as it can without gimmicks, leaving you with a 'wow!'

The story of blindness has probably been told a hundred times before. And here this is added with lines of prejudice, corruption, apathy and dishonesty in the society. But what make it more effective is the emotional chords the characters strike as the story unfolds.

The film has an amazing opening sequence. From frame one, where we see a medical camp where many visually impaired hapless patients hold their eyes up to receive the drop of medicine, in search of retribution from the world of blindness. In the end of the long waiting hall with her eyes open is Malli, the younger daughter of Murugan, who came to Kerala, two decades back from Thirunelveli in search of a job. He now lives in a slum with his three children - Mayil, Azhakappan and Malli who is blind. Murugan who speaks a mix of Malayalam and Tamil, makes his living by ironing people's clothes in the hope someday she will be able to see. He takes her to every free eye-care camp in the neighborhood. His only support comes from Muthu Annan who makes pappad, his wife Kanakamma and daughter Krishnaveni.

With his meager savings Murugan manages a four-wheeled push cart and moves around various housing colonies in town with his blind daughter on board, ironing people's clothes. Every day he meets different kinds of people, who behave with all different kinds of feelings. Padmapriya appears in the film as Poonkodi who resides nearby and makes a living by begging in the streets.

Murugan's life takes a new turn when he meets Suvarna(Meena) in one of the big houses of the town , who is in the edge of life with a fatal disease. Suvarna, develops a liking towards Malli and decides to donate her eyes to the girl in the event of her death .Eventhough she signs a donation agreement, her husband thinks it demeaning to donate his wife's eyes to a very poor Tamil girl from slums.

In the course of events, Murugan's cart is set to fire in a political assault of a left leader. Murugan who find it hard to make a living thereafter, tries to find a job in other places and finally hires the cart of drunkard Shanmugham. And in a rash moment Shanmugham stabs Murugan for not giving the rent on time and Murugan is sent to hospital where there is no doctor to attend the patients following a strike. But the panic in the hospital over the agonizing patients and Murugan, as nobody wants to take responsibility, and the rustic moving simplicity of Poonkody who burst out is contrasted with the urbane nurses restraining themselves in the name of strikes instead of reaching out to their patients.

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Cast: Mammotty,Thilakan, Nedumudi Venu, Srinivasan, Siddique, Sai Kumar, Bhiman Raghu, TG Ravi, Babu Namboothiri, Manianpilla Raju, Augustine, Abu Salim, Ajith, Kunjan, Bineesh Kodieri, Jayan, Manjulan, Adithi Rao, Seema, Niranjana
Direction: Renjith
Production: Valiyaveettil Siraj
Music: Tej Manoj

Mammootty and director Ranjith come together in Prajapathi, after their successful outing with Black.

Prajapathi is a repeat of Ranjith's older films, as you see bits and pieces of his successful films - as a writer first and director later. However, the cast, the treatment of characters and the Ranjith stamp keep the viewer riveted with expectations that something extraordinary will happen.

The story is about Davarmathom Narayanan (Mammootty), the virtual ruler of a small hamlet that has kept all the vices of the modern world at bay. The plot reminds us of recent Mohanlal-starrer Naran, in which the hero uses his muscle power to make the whole village toe his line. Here, Narayanan is more democratic in his approach and calls a panchayat to punish people. The penalty is exile from the village for a period depending on the gravity of the crime.

There is also a family angle. Narayanan kills his father, for being cruel to his mother, at the age of 13 and serves sentence in a juvenile home. But, even before the interval, he is cleared of the crime.

His uncle (Nedumudi Venu) and cousins (Siddique and co) are his sworn enemies for obvious reasons - wealth and property.

What wins the day for the film is the acting. Mammootty is a towering presence in the whole scheme of things. Nedumudi Venu, as a villain in a peculiar getup, holds the audience's interest.

Sreenivasan's presence in this film was hyped, but he is just reduced to a caricature of himself.

Of the female actors, Seema, who plays Nedumudi Venu's wife, is made to look and act like a fairytale witch. Aditi Rao, who plays Mammootty's love interest, has nothing to do with the overall plot. Sandhya, who plays a supportive cousin from the enemy camp, lights up the screen whenever she makes an appearance.

It could be said that Prajapathi is a film made especially for the fans of Ranjith and Mammootty.


Prajapathi Mammootty Malayalam movie Promo Great

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Cast: Mammootty, Sneha, Innocent, Devan, Jagathi, Harishree Ashokan, Salim Kumar, Kalashala Babu
Language: Malayalam
Director: Johnny Antony
Music: Alex Paul

In Thuruppugulan director Johny Antony has adopted a new technique to market the film by projecting it as a comedy of Mammootty. It is a commercial comedy with a good combination of humour, action, dance and song strictly to the fans of mega star Mammootty. Humourous dialogues written by Udai Krishna and Sibi K.Thomas and the mannerisms of Mammootty are the main attractions of the film. The director has narrated the story without losing its punch.

The story is focused on Kochuthoma (Innocent) and his son Kunjumon (Mammootty). Kochuthoma is running a typical street side "thattukada" in Kochi. At the age of ten, Kunjumon accidentally injures a person. After the incident when his son faced trouble to stay at Kochi, Kochuthoma sent him to Kozhikode to stay with his dear friend Swami (Jagathy).

A five star hotel, Raj Palace, originally owned by a multi-millionaire Chandrashekara Menon (Devan), is now run by Sreedharan Unnithan (Kalashala Babu) and his sons. Chandrashekara Menon had authorised Sreedhran Unnithan to manage the hotel, when he had to go to Singapore for business purpose. But Unnithan and his wicked sons trapped Menon by sending him into jail on false charges in Singapore.

His daughter Lakshmi (Sneha) comes to India to sell the hotel in order to acquire money for releasing her father from jail. Soon she came to know that Unnithan had transferred the five star hotel in his name. Lakshmi approaches Kochuthoma, who was her father's close friend and seeks his help to fight against them. Kochuthoma and his son Gulan Kunjumon supports her against their common rival, Sridharan Unnithan. The incidents, which follow, form the base of the story.

Mammootty's portrayal of the character Kunjumon is marvelous. Through this movie he once again proves his ability in handling humorous roles easily. He has also tried to perform two dance numbers comparatively with much ease and flexibility as opposed to his other films. His dress style has improved and is much modern. He seems to be more confident in choosing glamorous roles and this is obvious in almost all the films released recently. Sneha, who made her debut through `Ingane Oru Nilapakshi' in Malayalam as Lakshmi in the film has succeeded in winning the applause of the audience. Innocent, as the father of the hero and Devan, as Chandrashekhara Menon have done justice to their roles.

The story as such has nothing much to offer. The script drags in between especially in the second half. Overall Thuruppu Gulan packed with humour, action, dance and songs can be termed as an entertainer. Mammootty's superb performance, matching supporting casts, and a good crew, can be the reasons for the success of this movie.

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Banner: Vaisakha films
Cast: Mammootty, Gopika, Sai Kumar, Manoj K Jayan, Vijaya Raghavan, Anand, Jagathy, Keerikadan Jose, Cochin Haneefa, Manikuttan, Salim Kumar, KPAC Lalitha, Suraj, Spadikam George, P Sreekumar, Santosh Jogi
Direction: Shafi
Production: P. Rajan
Music: Alex Paul

Given this script to make a film with a Superstar, very few would have attempted to make a try. But, Shafi the young director, has gone all out to deliver a good entertainer. The story which has series of staccato, punctuated episodes and incidents about folk living around a harbor, the film's success lies in no over stretching, which make it run through with enough meat, in flashy and racy narratives.

The film which mark the return of Mammootty into mainstream cinema after doing offbeat ventures for the last few months, is not surprisingly, greeted with celebration by this fan followers. And Shafi who very well expected this to happen has packed this film with all the masala ingredients -- comedy, action, and dance -- to make a definite hit.

Rafi-Mecartin, who has tailored the script, has gone through one that stands at a brim of causalities ala Bhargavacharitham. But this time, the director delivers everything, even the minute attempts to break into chuckles gets results, and all worked in the film's favor.

The story of the film revolves around a character Mahi (Mammootty), who goes to jail, for money, by owning, up to crimes he did not commit. As usual with the Mammootty heroes, Mahi is also an orphan, but is the sort of person who likes to act in the favor of good when the circumstances demand. He is a character who fights against injustice wherever he sees it, but never takes credit for all the superhuman efforts he makes. He beats up social nuisances in the dark without revealing his identity, thus earning him the name of Mayavi.

After freed from jail as an Independence Day reward, Mahi has much to do, the major commitment is to pay a hefty sum for the brain surgery of a friend's brother. To make it happen, Mahi agrees to take the flak for a yet-to-be committed murder, for shipping company owner and local landlord Surendran, who is in a dirty war of family feuds to eliminate his long term opponents

Iyranimuttam family. Earlier he has managed to get rid of seven members of the family by creating a road accident.

Now Surendran and his gang is planning to murder the only son of Iyranimuttam Devaki, Sivasankaran, who is returning from jail on bail after being sentenced for imprisonment for the murder of Surendran's father and their driver. Into this mess arrives Mahi who agrees for an 8 lakh sum for taking the flak of Sivasankaran's murder which is to happen soon.

But things take a big turn soon after Mahi happens to see Indhu, the caretaker of Iyranimuttam family's properties and business in the harbour. Mahi once manages to save her from drowning amidst a boat accident. Realizing the sad fate of the villagers and Indhu's family, Mahi engages in fisticuffs with those who are threatening them and disturbing their lives. As Mayavi's popularity rises with each anonimous attacks, people are on the search for the real hero behind the title. The film which gives no clue for where it leads leaves the viewers engaged till the last minute. Throughout the movie, told in an episodic manner, Mahi alias Mayavi remains the link that connects all the other stories. The other characters appear, vanish and reappear as demanded by the story lines.

Shafi shines again at casting and extracting great performances from his actors. Even though Mammootty looks tired with more dark lines below his eyes, he has brought out another absorbing performance in other lighter shades. He has improved much in his comedy timings and gathers applauses all through the film with deliberate verbal 'mismatching'.

Salimkumar as Shrank, Suraj as Giri, Vijayaraghavan as Surendran and Manoj K Jayan as Balan does a decent job. Gopika impresses with a bigger role than usual and surprisingly suits perfectly with Mammootty while Lalitha, as the angry matriarch, does n

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Katha Parayumbol

Language: Malayalam
Cast: Srinivasan, Mammootty, Meena, Salimkumar, Mukesh
Director: M. Mohan
Music Director: M.Jayachandran

Sreenivasan has an uncanny knack of keeping himself in the limelight. His latest film "Katha Parayumbol", in which he dons the three-in-one role of writer-actor-producer, is the clear winner of the season. Directed by debutant M. Mohanan, the film has Mammootty in an extended cameo; but it is Sreenivasan who stays in the viewers' mind.

Sreenivasan plays a character that is outstanding only in its ordinariness. But he elevates it to a class of its own. His is the role of Balan, a barber in a village fighting modernisation in his own antiquated ways.

He can't afford a revolving chair, now an essential for his trade. His tools are out-dated and he cannot afford to replace them. And no authorised agency will lend him money because he refuses to grease the palms of the powers-that-be.

Balan is a middle-aged man with three kids in school. He had eloped and married his sweetheart and settled in this hilly village, far from the urban world. He is an object of ridicule for all and sundry. His kids are nearly thrown out of the school for non-payment of fees. His wife has no idea where their next meal will come from.

Balan's only defence mechanism against the harsh existential realities is his wit and his barbed tongue.

But, all this changes when superstar Ashok Raj (Mammootty) makes an appearance in the village for a film shoot. Ashok is supposedly Balan's childhood friend. So the whole village converges around Balan seeking his favour for a meeting with the superstar. Balan is reluctant to approach the star thinking that Ashok may have forgotten his lowly friend in these intervening years.

The ultimate clincher for this film is its script. Authored by Sreenivasan, it is so layered that every frame has a comment to make about the world and every line of the dialogue on the mores of the society. The craze for celebrities and the problems of leading a principled life are discussed without being preachy or in-your-face.

Mammootty has the dignified presence of a real star and his aura and the mythical persona that surrounds him give a lifelike feel to the character of Ashok Raj.

There are other characters that fill up the space to present a microcosmic universe. The moneylender played by Innocent and the pseudo-intellectual poet played by Salim Kumar are hilarious. Meena plays the well-etched character of Balan's beautiful wife.

"Katha Parayumbol" has Sreenivasan's stamp all over it, and can claim to be one of his best.


Katha Parayumbol Mammootty Movie Trailor

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Pazhassi Raja to release on August 15th?

The release of the much expected Mammootty starer historical movie 'Pazhassi Raja' postponed few times.Now media reports that the release will be on 15th of August.

Read:Vishu,Easter 2009 Malayalam movie releases
Read:Pazhasi Raja | Hariharan, M.T. Vasudevan Nair and Mammootty

This movie is expected to become a masterpiece work from legendary writer M.T. Vasudevan Nair, director Hariharan and superstar Mammootty.Earlier it was scheduled for release on Vishu (April 14).Great Musician Ilayaraja has scored music and the lyrics by O.N.V. Kurup.The movie is produced by Gokulam Gopalan with a whopping budget of more than 20 crores.
Popular Telugu actor Suman plays the villain, Pazhaiveetan Chandu
Tamil actor Sharat Kumar is also doing a major role in the movie.Thilakan is also doing a major role in the movie.
Other major roles in the movie are handled by Suresh Krishna and Padmapriya.
The 'Keralavarma Pazhassi Raja' is based on the life and times of the great Kerala King 'Pazhasi Raja' who fought British in the Wayanad hills.
Everybody expects another masterpiece from MT-Mammooty-Hariharan team!

Pazhassi Raja Wallpapers

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Resul Pookutty to do sound mixing for Pazhassi Raja.

This movie is expected to become a masterpiece work from legendary writer M.T. Vasudevan Nair, director Hariharan and superstar Mammootty.
Actrees Kanika will star opposite Mammooty.Kanihaa plays Pazhassi's wife.
Great Musician Ilayaraja has scored music and the lyrics by O.N.V. Kurup.The movie is produced by Gokulam Gopalan with a whopping budget of more than 20 crores.The 'Pazhassi Raja' is based on the life and times of the great Kerala King 'Pazhasi Raja' who fought British in the wayanad hills.
Popular Telugu actor Suman plays the villain, Pazhaiveetan Chandu
Tamil actor Sharat Kumar is also doing a major role in the movie.Thilakan is also doing a major role in the movie.

Pazhassi Raja Wallpapers

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Ore Kadal

Ore Kadal is a film based on Bengali novel Heerak Deepti, a classic love story written by Sunil Gangopadhyay (It is said that Oscar winner late Satyajit Ray had once planned to make a film on the same novel). Director Shyamaprasad has skilfully carved the Malayalam version while retaining the essence of the original, and has succeeded in keeping the viewers engrossed for the entire two and half hour's duration, even though it is an art film!

The film broadly talks about marriage and human relationships, which has been made interesting in the back drop of the Chennai metro. The excellent performance of legendary Mammootty and flawless acting skills of Meera Jasmine make the film worthy of being watched.

Deepti (Meera Jasmine) is a helpless housewife in Chennai city, tending to her sick son in the absence of her unemployed husband. Dr. Nathan (Mammootty) is a renowned social Economist who overhears her frantic pleas for help to her husband over a public telephone. The research scholar, who happens to be interested in finding a solution for unemployment among middle class youngsters, decides to help Deepti and her son, and takes the child to a hospital.

Though Nathan is a good hearted person, he is an alcoholic, who does not believe in emotional or sentimental attachments. He has had a long standing relationship with a 'sophisticated' call girl Bella (Ramya Krishnan). He is habituated to saying that the society is ruled by economics, not emotions!

Nathan helps Deepti not because he is attracted towards her, but because her husband and her child make an interesting subject. Slowly, he starts feeling the need for her. Nathan likes to believe that it just a physical thing, but Deepti desires something more. Finally this affair culminates into a physical relationship. Soon, Deepti is pregnant and tells Nathan that it is his child. But Nathan feigns ignorance about the issue, which devastates the girl, and makes her to lose her mental balance.

The way the director has handled the film is very interesting. He is very clear about his class of viewers and has moulded the film as per their taste. At the same time, he has refrained from giving a high-brow, pseudo-intellectual treatment to the movie, which, just like modern art, would have left the common viewers groping in the dark. It is for sure that the climax will leave most of the viewers fretting and fuming, due to its unfinished nature. But there was no other way for the director to goad the story towards an end.

Mammootty, in the role of a brilliant economist Nathan, is simply superb. His mature performance drives the film like an invisible force. Meera Jasmine has played the challenging role assigned to her with ease and in a professional manner. Undoubtedly, she has given her best shot for this film. Narain's performance as the husband who never comes to know that his wife cheated on him, has been nicely executed, and the actor has done full justice to the role. Ramya Krishnan as Bella has done a cameo to everybody's satisfaction. Azhagappan's camerawork is the highlight of the movie. It is indeed a tough call to picturise intimate relationships and their emotional conflicts through the lenses. But Azhagappan has simply done magic with his camera.

Overall, Shayamaprasad has made a memorable film, which will be remembered for years to come!

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Kaiyoppu- movie review

Cast: Mammootty, Khushbu, Mukesh, Nedumudi Venu, Mammu Koya, Narayanan Nair, Jaffer, Neena Kurup, Ayisha
Direction: Ranjith
Production: Ranjith
Music: Manikanth

Kaiyoppu, meaning Signature is a marked departure from the typical Ranjith style of filmmaking. With the maker's signature all over, the film definitely engages and disturbs you with its strong but simplest narrative. Here the writer-director who has been the main theoretician of superhuman images for superstars in Malayalam cinema attracts us towards a man, one who can largely be considered a failure and never usually becomes the subject of commercial cinema.

The film's story described in one line is simply that of a talented writer fighting writer's block. It tells the story of Balachandran, who works as an accountant in a fertilizer company in Kochi and lives immersed in the world of books. He attracts everyone with his pleasant manners and sincere talkativeness. His room in the lodge is a treasure of world literature, where you could find even the rare copies of out of print books. As far as literature is concerned, he is an encyclopedia and the passion that he has for books and reading amazes almost everyone. Books which are his only friends have a great influence on him which forces him to scribble something occasionally. Still unmarried, he has been living alone for years in this run-down lodge.

Once at a public function, C.P. Vasudevan a noted writer mentions about an unfinished novel of Balachandran that had impressed him much. Sivadasan, the owner of Kilipattu books, a small time publisher and a lover of genuine literature who happened to hear the words of Vasudevan, finds it a better chance for him to publish this novel and thereby clear off his debts that incurred with his earlier publications. He follows Balachandran to his room and urges him to finish the book, hoping that he gets the publishing rights. Balachandran agrees and tries to make a beginning. But things don't move the way he wants to as is caught in the stifling grip of what is called a writer's block. His mind becomes as blank as the paper before him which prevents him to write even a single word.

At the same time Balachandran also regain one of his long lost friend Padma who was his classmate in college and a fan of his too. She, now divorced from her husband comes to stay in Kozhikode to forget her family strains. Padma gets Balachandran's number and calls him. The entry of Padma into Balachandran's life marks the beginning of a new chapter in Balachandran's life. Even though they communicate only through phone. These circumstances give enough vigor for Balachandran to finish his novel. And the plot follows events and incidents that make the story wholesome where the seemingly peripheral characters take centre stage in unexpected ways. The very touching and disturbing climax, even though deviates much from the main track, remains in our minds for a long time.

The sensitive approach of the director makes way to the characters which are built worthwhile. The way Ranjith has presented Balachandran and the world around him is just awesome! Mammootty as the introverted struggling author Balachandran is very impressive. The peppy dialogues keeps us engaged over the snailish pace in which story unfolds. Mukesh comes out with a brilliant performance. But Khushbu as Padma steals the show and she has done it with a bang. Narayanan Nair as Balachandran's estate-manager, Nedumudi Venu as C.P. Vasudevan and Jaffer as Babu who looks after things in the lodge, Mamukoya etc have done their respective roles very commendably.

The other highlights of Kaiyoppu are Cinematography by Manoj Pillai, editing by Bina Paul and art-direction by Sabu Ram. Manikanth and Vidyasagar has done the rerecording with energy and definitely heightens the tempo of the dramatic moments in the film. Ranjith has also included the immortal Hindi song "Jalte hein jiske liye (composed by S.D. Burman), this time rendered by Manjari which is blended ver

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Mission 90 Days Movie Review

Banner: Sree Uthrittathy Films
Cast: Mammootty, Sanjana Sinha, Lalu Alex, Kalabhavan Mani, Sai Kumar, Innocent, Baburaj, Sreejith Ravi, Mariya, Tulip Joshy, Salimkumar, Fareedha, Kiran Raan, Kalshaala Babu
Direction: Major Ravi
Production: Sahi Ayyanchira
Music: Vayalar Sharth, Jaison J Nair

It is a welcome trend that new Malayalam filmmakers are taking the industry to new heights and direction. Films like Keerthi Chakra, Speed Track and Big B are examples of the new turn of events in our cinema.

Very rarely do films live up to the rave reviews of the privileged audiences. ''Mission 90 days'' does that in 132 minutes of riveting fare, unrelenting in pace and unwavering in purpose. It's an authentic reconstruction of the mission to capture the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. The film without sequins, cardboard heroes, fisticuffs, filthy comedy and females with fabric allergy may find it hard to appeal to a formula friendly audience.

But overall it is a good film that must be encouraged so that some young directors may get the inspiration to think beyond the regularly beaten track.

The success of the film is mainly due to its presentation. This time it is the director’s interpretation of the Rajiv Gandhi assassination. Of course, we cannot forget the fantastic work done by the technical department and memorable and honest portrayal by its actors. Its story is authentic, narration looking real with genuine emotions.

Mission 90 Days is a film that shocks as well as surprises you. The film is based on investigations that occurred in Chennai and Bangalore after a group of Tamil tigers were found responsible for the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. The incidents have been narrated as they happened, minus any masala. The narration is gripping, and the director has managed to maintain edge-of-the seat storytelling especially in the later half. You will relate to incidents as they unfold and the film will definitely bring back memories, some of them horrifying.

In the film Mammooty is Major Shivram who is called upon as the leader of the commandos attached to the NSG, who stormed the hideout of the one-eyed Sivarasan, the LTTE leader, the mastermind behind the assassination of the former prime minister. The film has also a little family sentiment as Shivram is basically a man from a village with loving people around with a beautiful wife played by Tulip Joshi, a friend in Salim Kumar and ex military father who knows the importance and dedication of job in armed forces. The only point where the director shows his lack of strengths is perhaps dealing with these family affairs.

The film cleverly does not deal with the political aspects behind the assassination of one of India's most loved Prime Ministers. In fact the film scripts praises on him for sending the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) to Sri Lanka and thereby keeping Srilanka from the eagle eyes of US who planned to storm into the island with the help of Pak forces. It bases on true happenings and uses actual incidents during the investigation and real names for characters in the film, and also put the blame of not capturing Sivarasan alive on the senior’s officers.

The government of India constituted SIT a day after Rajiv Gandhi assassination, and Major Sivaram a dare devil officer with a proven track record is put in charge to hunt down the killers. All they were asked to be to - "Catch Sivarasan alive, before he consumes the deadly cyanide”. This was a new mission for the commandos who were always ordered to kill the enemies than to catch them alive. The film clearly demonstrates how we can give anti dots to save those who consumed cyanide. Shivram in his ventures gets the logical support of his bosses Partipan, the SIT chief and DIG Raju (Lalu Alex)

After tracing out Nalini and Murugan, the SIT finds the team to the conspirator Sivarasan hiding in a house in Bangalore. The Highlight of the film is definitely the last 15 minutes of the climax mission. As per their plans, Sivaram and his team, who have silently

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One Way Ticket

Cast: Prithviraj, Bhama, Mammootty, Thilakan, Jagathy Sreekumar, Salim Kumar, Kalabhavan Mani, Prachot, Jagadish, Suraj Venjaramood, Govindan Kutty, Balachandran Chullikad
Direction: Bipin Prabhakar

Megastar Mammootty has been lucky enough to play himself in many movies, in the past. Films like 'Lekshayude Maranam’, ‘Oru Flash Back' and 'Number 20 Madras Mail', featured him as Mammootty, the real superstar.

Recently he played a cameo as a filmi super star in 'Katha Parayumbol' which brought rave reviews to his short but powerful performance. After the stupendous success of 'Katha Parayumbol' which is being remade in many languages, Mammootty is once again appearing as himself in the new film by Bipin Prabhakar 'One Way Ticket'. It is a casting coup of sorts for writer Babu Janardanan and Bipin Prabhakar as Mammootty has agreed to do the film with Prithviraj playing the hero.

'One Way Ticket' is basically the story of crazy fans of superstars who go to any extent to promote their screen idols and their movies. They even sacrifice their own career trying to promote their favorite stars.

The story of the movie written by Babu Janardanan is set in Kondotty in Malappuram district, Mammootty's traditional stronghold. The plot of the film is envisaged in such a way that the film's narratives gets completed with the events between the release of a superstar film, to the hundred days celebration of the same movie at the same theater.

In the film, Prithviraj plays Kunjappu, a well educated youth who due to circumstances is forced to become a taxi jeep driver. He is the only hope of his family comprising of two unmarried sisters and his mother.

He is an ardent viewer of movies, a crazy fan of superstar Mammootty and the district president of Mammootty fans association! Kunjappau's fan activities very easily make him a clown before all his immediate family members. His uncle Beeran Haji, is even trying many ways to avoid marrying off his daughter Sahira to Kunjappu.

The movie is full of comedy, bringing to focus the tastes and activities of the youth in Malappuram like Kuri Kalyanam to Sevens football. It will also bring to focus Mammootty's love for football, his plans to popularize the game in the state and will look upon how his fans share the views and reviews about actor's interest in social sphere.

The second half of 'One Way Ticket' is planned as a racy thriller, as Mammootty comes to celebrate the 100 days run of his film in a Kondotty theatre, being celebrated as an event by his fans. The film will offer some messages for serious thinking and will feature scenes where the super star supports his fans who are more involved in social support activities than in the promotion of stardom. Mammootty even has got a song eulogizing his stardom in this movie, which also shows the many positive sides of fans associations.

Bhama, for the first time appears as Prithviraj’s heroine in the film, which also has Thilakan, Jagathy, Jagadheesh, Sivaji Guruvayoor, Manianpillai Raju, Sadiq, Radhika and Tamil actor Sambath. Vipin Mohan will crank the camera while Gireesh Puthencheery and Kavya Madhavan pen the lyrics for the songs of the movie which are set to music by Raahul Raj. Renjan Abraham does the editing while Saalu K George is the art director.

The movie shot at Ottappalam, Kunnamkulam and Palghat will feature a lot of real life fans of the star in many scenes.

‘One Way Ticket' produced by Thiruvangadan Entertainments is being distributed by Minerva and is scheduled to reach the theatres, this month.

Prajapathi Movie Review

Cast: Mammotty,Thilakan, Nedumudi Venu, Srinivasan, Siddique, Sai Kumar, Bhiman Raghu, TG Ravi, Babu Namboothiri, Manianpilla Raju, Augustine, Abu Salim, Ajith, Kunjan, Bineesh Kodieri, Jayan, Manjulan, Adithi Rao, Seema, Niranjana
Direction: Renjith
Production: Valiyaveettil Siraj
Music: Tej Mano

The protagonists of every Renjith film stick to some experiences which is inherent in their presentations, which has almost became a cliche.The torturing experiences of the childhood, the alienation from the society, the rendering of scholastic language supported with puranic literature , the somersault in the plane of events midway and the return of the mass hero , and the grant finale in which the protagonist takes charge with his muscle power to eliminate the evil... all the above routine passings are also presented in the latest Renjith flick 'Prajapathy'. But in a less distinctive way. The highlight is that it is not a Mammootty show alone, but is more ruled by the instincts and dictations of the director.

The film is a story of clashes between two, but related families who are also the supremos of two villages. The film thereby raises questions about the application of democracy in the present order of things and calls forward for the upraise of Masses to create a new democratic order eliminating fraud politicians and feudalists. 'Prajapathy' presents the protagonists as Devarmadom Narayanan, who is a portrait of a leader whose ruthless ambition and self inflicted obsession is for the betterment of the society and his people. Presented by Mammootty who is in all grace and riches is the reigning mass leader of Perumalpuram.- a village devoid of hotels, bars and shops which sell foods. Everyone in the village is offered food from Devarmadom, where their supremo even taste the food to check quality, before giving away to fellow people. The film takes some time in the beginning to establish this hypothetical village - where the viewers goes aimless.

Devarmadom Narayanan was once a convict sent to juvenile prison at the age of 13, for killing his father. The protagonist who became a changed man after his tortures in prison find values for life and imbibes them on maturity. With the help of Vellody master he establishes the new law of the land when he comes back, and whoever disinterested to abide the law are thrown out of the village after a trial by Nattukoottam. Devarmadom has an enemy in his uncle Mooppil Kunjambu Nair, and his son Giri who is all set to demolish Perumalpruram. The film in its opening sequences itself establishes one attempt on life of Narayanan, made by Giri and Co. Following the fattal attack, Narayanan is left at ICU of a hospital, and at in this stages of his resurrection to life, the film set the story straight with flashbacks on the events of their history of feud and clashes.

The second half of the film is more moving with the "Renjith" in sequences of distorted relationships worked out with perfection. And these best worked out sequences show cases every actor with meaty performances. But the film falters at times when it try to equate the star quotient instead of character development .And Often you feel you had seen this scene or its prototype in some other movie in Tamil or in South.

Mammootty as usual excels in the proceedings throughout making a promenade. The film comes as a big relief for die hard fans of his serious characters as he don't ponder over on his recently acquired lighter comic images. He appear is variety outfits and emotions, exotic vehicles with punching dialogues and fiery action sequences by Anal Aras. Nedumudi as Moopil Kunjambu nair and Siddhioue as giri pass through with grace. Adhithi Rao is reduced to an eyecandy performance. But the revelations are Sandhya(kadhal fame) , Seema ., Abu Salem, T.G.Ravi and Raju who exhalts and thrills with their performances .

Azhagappan, as usual has once again proved his great framing and toning capabilities, behind the camera, creating the necessary ambience. The use of Rain as in every Renjith films poetically has also ad

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Saturday, April 25, 2009


Ujala Asianet Awards 2008 Madhu Mammootty

Surya Awards Best Actor Mammootty

Mammootty Movie Mayabazar

Mammootty Intro Dhruvam

Valyettan Super Dialouge

Mammootty in Narasimham

Mammootty's Dialogue with Police in Rajamanikyam

Ore Kadal - Nagaram by Mammootty

Parunthu - Movie - 2008 - Mammootty

Twenty 20 - Trailor - Mammootty Mohanlal Malayalam Movie

Megastar Mammootty Interview with Anchors Part 02

Love In Bankok - Mammootty on Ramp

Mammootty gets 'Favourite Hero' award!

Mammootty in Mission 90 Days

Mammootty - Sandarbham - Pandoru Kaattil

Mammootty's Advice

Mammootty English comedy in Rajamanikyam

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Mammootty Mega Eve at Calicut
Mega Star Mammootty's Super Mega Eve at CALICUT
Launching of Brand New Book of MAMMOOTTY
The Big Musical & Entertainment Eve
31st MAY 2008
Venue: Tagore Centenary Hall, Calicut

Mammootty attended Nostalgia 2008
Malayalam Superstar Mammootty attended Nostalgia 2008 at Thiruvananthapuram, yesterday. Nostalgia 2008, the get-together of the inmates of Co-operative Home (Karthika lodge), one among the first lodges in the capital, held at Thiruvananthapuram Press Club on Sunday. Politicians, actors, bureaucrats, writers, journalists and the like who stayed in the lodge are attended the event.

This include Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan, Water Resources Minister N.K. Premachandran, R. Balakrishna Pillai, Mammootty, Madhupal, Mohan Raj, P.C. Chacko, Dr B. Ekbal, N.S. Madhavan, N. Ayyappan, K. Suresh Kumar (District Collector, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh) and N. Radhakrishnan (CEO, Technopark).

Mammootty Going to act on Stage

Megastar Mammootty is going on stage to perform as Bheeman, culled out of M T Vasudevan Nair’s famous novel Randaamuzham

It will be set to suit the stage by popular directors, T K Rajeev Kumar and Pramod Payyannoor.

This drama which is of around forty minutes duration, will also present Mammootty in the roles of Yudhistiran and Arjunan. The drama made for the news paper group Malayala Manorama, is planned to have its premier performance on the 31st of October at the LULU centre, Thrissur.

A few months ago, super star Mohanlal has proved his proficiency on acting on stage too, with a few of his dramas like "Karnabharam" and the recent "Chayyamukhy".

Mammootty as the Chief Guest of WMC
Malayalam film Megastar Mammootty has been invited to be the chief guest at the 6th World Malayalee Conference 2008 in Singapore Aug 22-24.

As the report of IANS, Mammootty confirmed that he has been invited and will attend the event.

It is organized by the World Malayalee Council (WMC), established in 1995 in the US. The past five conferences were attended by Malayali professionals from over 30 countries.

The main aim of the WMC is to network Malayalis around the world and create a global community, which is able to communicate with each other and maintain the Malayali identity.

However, it is the most momentous occassion for malayalees who loves Mammootty, as he got the chance to be the part of the function. Again and again we Can Proud of Mammootty...........

Mammootty Inaugurated Saboo Coloniaa Institute of Design

Calicut, June 10 2008 : Megastar Mammootty Inaugurated Saboo Coloniaa Insitute of Design at Calicut. It was a Crowd pulling function. Mammootty reached there with his brand new Audi Q7.
The great Adman and founder of this institute Saboo Coloniaa followed Mammootty to the institute. Film star Jagathi Sreekumar also attended the function.

On inaugural address Mammootty said that : "Saboo Colonia, one of the Admans who did more ads of my films, started this designing institute to provide more Admans like him to the world. Wishing all the best for this institute......"

Mammootty Films like Karuthapakshikal, Etc.... are some of the gems from the Coloniaa.
The institute authorities said that their modules are on Digital photography, Fashion photography, Industrial photography, Shooting location , Editing suits, Etc.....

Mammootty Released Logo of Cultural Organisation
Megastar Mammootty on Wednesday released the logo of Kerala Samskriti, a cultural organisation based in Kozhikode.

The Mega star released the logo by handing it over to writer K.P. Sudheera. Script writer T.A. Razzak, Keral Samskriti president P.A. Ibrahim Kutty and general secretary Navas Punoor among others attended the function.

The function held at Hotel Taj Malabar here which Mammootty like to stay and dine when he reach at calicut. Mammootty on his finishing work of his film 'Parunthu' which shooted in Calicut and he may leave today or tomarrow to Alappey for his new film 'Kuttisranku'.

Mammootty Inaugurated Mathrubhumi Music

Megastar Mammootty inaugurated the new venture of Mathrubhumi, 'Mathrubhumi Music' last day. Minnaminnikootam, The first audio release of Mathrubhumi Music was also in the function.

Director Kamal has released the songs of his latest movie Minnaminnikoottam.Two songs of the movie are youth-oriented fast numbers. Manjari, Sayanora, Sujatha Karthik, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Renjith , Soumya, Sissily Raghuram and Raghy are the other playback singers of this album.

Minnaminnikoottam, with a gang of young actors including Narain, Jayasurya, Indrajith, Meera Jasmine, Roma, Samvrutha and Radhika, is now in its last phase of shooting and will grace theatres on 12th July.

Mollywood will help Arabian Cinema: Mammootty
Superstar Mammootty, who has just returned from a two-day Dubai trip, said that he had assured the full support of the Malayalam film industry to develop the Arabian cinema industry.

"The arabian film industry is a growing one and they need a helping hand in expertise and technical know-how. We have assured the support of the Malayalam film industry by conducting workshops there," Mammootty, who was in the UAE city to attend the Dubai International Film Festival, said.

The veteran actor said that he had held talks on conducting workshops with the 'Studio City' officials in Dubai.

Studio City in Dubai is part of the Smart City group that is to build the Rs.15 billion Smart City in Kochi, a mega IT project.

"I had a detailed discussion with the CEO of Studio City and they will get back to us on the modalities of working together. If it clicks, it is going to be additional work for the technicians of our industry here," Mammootty added.

Mammootty took lottery tickets worth 5 lakh

Malayalam Megastar Mammootty took five thousand tickets of Samskarika Lottery costing five lakhs, which aims to mobilize fund to help artistes by way of welfare fund. The inaugural function of lottery launching by the Kerala government was held at Kochi Durbar hall ground on Saturday. Another superstar Mohanlal had also attended the function.

When Mohanlal went to make a speech, audiences raised voice by expressing their intention that, "If Mammooka takes tickets for 5 lakhs, Lallettan is sure to take lotteries for ten lakhs". But Lal in his usual style said that he has given his support and blessings for the new venture.

Later Mammootty in his speech said that if at all he wins any of the tickets he will donate fifty percent for the artistes welfare fund and the other half for humanitarian programmes. Ministers M.A Baby, Thomas Issac, S.Sharma, actors Dileep, Kalabhavan Mani, Kavya, Bhavana and others took part in the function.

Mammootty at Calicut Medical College

It was a nice evening at Calicut medical college lastday with the great presence of Padmashree Bharath Mammootty. Megastar Mammootty inaugurated the closing ceremony of Monsoon Cine Fest 2007-08 at Calicut Medical Colege.

The CMC students were get excited with the presence of the star legend. The movie festival was directed by Sri. Raveendran. Great persons like Sri. T.A. Razzak, Sri. Premchand, Sri. P.V. Gangadharan were attended the function.

It was one of the most colorful function withwhich the presence of Mammootty at Calicut. Mammootty reached calicut a few days ago for the film shoot 'Parunthu' by Padmakumar.

Mammootty in Gopika Wedding Reception

Super star Mammootty casted vote at Ernakulam,Kadavanthra health circle office polling booth on April 16th - Kerala9

Mammooty in kavya madavans marriage

Mammootty at Viyyoor Jail

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Mammootty in Gopika Wedding Reception

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Mammootty Refused to Vote without Electoral Card

Superstar Mammootty cast his vote at Ernakulam, Kadavanthra health circle office polling booth. He came in a silver colour Pajero, wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans. When Mammootty reached there, voters in their respective queues broke their lines and rushed to have a glimpse of their favourite hero.

Mammootty entered the polling booth and quickly returned as he had forgotten to take his identity card. People expressed surprise whether it is compulsory for a famous figure like superstar Mammooty to have a card to cast vote. After some time his friend arrived with the identity card, he entered the booth and cast his vote.

Kalabhavan Mani and Mala Aravindan cast their vote in Chalakudy and Mala. Mukesh registered his vote with his family at Kollam, while Jagadeesh came all the way from Ernakulam to cast his vote in Thiruvananthapuram. Meanwhile Dileep could not cast his vote as he was engaged in the sets.

Super star Mammootty casted vote at Ernakulam,Kadavanthra health circle office polling booth on April 16th - Kerala9

Mammootty Casts Vote at Ernakulam Pictuers

Mammootty Casts Vote at Ernakulam Photos

Mammootty With CPI (M) candidate Sindhu Joy,Mammootty Casts Vote at Ernakulam Pictures

Mammootty With CPI (M) candidate Sindhu Joy at Ernakulam Photo Gallery

Mammootty With CPI (M) candidate Sindhu Joy at Ernakulam

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Mammooty in kavya madavans marriage

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Mammooty's daughter Surumi marriage

Mammooty's daughter Surumi married Dr Mohammed Rihan Syeed son of Wahid Ahmed Salaud at Le Meridian hotel in Kochi on December 21. The event was one of the biggest functions that Kochi had seen recently.

The groom Dr Rihan is Cardiothoriac surgeon in Boston Unversity of USA. Surumi is studying in Chelsy School of Art in London. In the morning the VIPs who attended the wedding were former chief minister K Karunakaran, Ministers Dr M K Muneer, Parliamentary Affairs Minister M M Hassan, CPM state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan, Speaker Vakkom, UDF convener Oommen Chandyand from the filmdom Mohanlal, Jayaram, Balachandra Menon, Thilakan, Manoj K Jayan, Sai Kumar, Nedumudi Venu, Siddique, Jothirmayi, Renuka, Malika Sukumaran, Prithviraj, Poornima, Devan, Jagadish, Vijayraghavan, Ganesh, Adoor, Shaji N Karun, Thampi Kannathanam, T K Rajiv, M G Sreekumar attended the wedding.

Many MLA's, MP's and top industrialists also attended the wedding held at the pool lounge of Hotel Le Meridien in the city. The bridegroom belongs to Chennai based Arcot Nawab family.

The nikah was solemnised by Imam Muhammed Rafi Moulavi earlier in the day. Mammootty had earlier told the press not to cover the function as he felt that it was a personal affair and that Surumi should have the right to her privacy.

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Great escapes

* Mammootty had two narrow escapes which were very near to the accidents which were life threatening. The mallu hulk was injured in a car accident in Nirmala City which was located in Kattappana area when he was on his to Idukku shooting. Though the hero just met with a hand injury, his fans started to panic and so the hero immediately finished the film shooting and held a press conference and declared that hew was fine and completely fit to work. It was on November 17th in the year 2006.

* Within one year on February 19th in the year 2007, Mammootty met with another accident during the making of his film BIG’B. He was participating in an action scene and a flying metal piece from an exploding car flew besides his head leaving just inches to escape.

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Mammootty’s social works

* Mammootty is an active member of Pain and Palliative care Society which is a charitable trust which works in elating the life’s of poor people who are suffering from cancer.

* Jeevan Jyothi is the other social work project which works for the benefits of the patients who are suffering from Heart, liver, renal dysfunctions, Hemophilia and ENT disorders.

* Mammootty is also an in charge in a project which is against child abuse and child labor.

* Kazhacha is another free eye care treatment center which works for the people who are below poverty line and need the aid of eye care.

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Mammootty’s childhood and marriage life

* Mammootty was born in Kottayam which is in Kerala Indian. Chemup which was located near Vaikom was his birth place. As the name itself suggest that Mammootty is a Muslim born to Ismail and Fatima and his father was practicing agriculture.

* Mammootty pursued his school education in Maharaja College which is famously located in Kochi. He then graduated in Law from the Ernakulam Government Law College. After receiving the law degree, Mammootty practiced law in the region of Manjeeri and excel a bit in it. Then the passion towards acting made him join the acting career.

* Malayalam hulk Mammootty is said to be away from any link ups with his heroines. He leads a married life with his wife Sulfath and the couple who married in the year 1980 and is blessed with two children. Surmi is the elder daughter of Mammootty who was recently married and Dulquar Salman is his son who is still pursuing his higher studies.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mammootty at Viyyoor Jail

Mammootty arrived at Viyyoor jail in Thrissur for the shooting of the Malayalam movie Ee Pattanathil Bhootham directed by Johny Antony.

Mammootty arrived at Viyyoor jail in Thrissur for the shooting of the Malayalam movie Ee Pattanathil Bhootham directed by Johny Antony.

The scene involved Mammootty coming out of prison after getting parole and Suraj waiting on a bike to pick him. The shot was filmed there.
Mammootty also participated in a small function arranged by prison employees. Kavya Madhavan and Mammootty are doing the lead. Kavya would join the sets after February 15.

Yugapurushan - Photos

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Mammootty - Ranjith team again : Palery Manikyam

Mammootty and Renjith teams up again with Palery Manikyam. After the success of romantic entertainer Thirakkatha, scenarist-turned-director Ranjith is back with Palery Manikyam, an investigative thriller. Mammootty is the hero, playing the role of a Delhi-based investigator who comes to Palery village to investigate a murder mystery.

This is the fifth time Mammootty is working with Ranjith. Earlier, they have been together for Black, Kaiyoppu, Prajapathy and Nasrani, of which Nasrani was not directed by Ranjith, but by veteran Joshy of Twenty:20 fame.

Palery Manikyam is based on a famous novel 'Palery Maanikyam - Oru Paathira Kolapathakathinte Katha' by T.P. Rajeevan, first published in Mathrubhumi as a weekly serial. This period film revolves around the infamous Manikyam murder case, which was in the news around five decades ago. Ranjith has already started picking up the cast and members for this project, which is expected to be very different.


Cast : Mammootty, Vimala raman, Bharat Gopi, Kalabhavan Mani, Sukumari, Jagathy, Lalu Alex, Maniyanpilla Raju, Sidique, Baburaj, Agastin, Sadique, Babu Namboodiri, Anil Murali, Biju Pappan, Captain Raju, Vijayaraghavan, Muktha, KPAC Lalitha, Ponnamma Babu and others
Director : Joshy
Camera : Shaji
Music director : Bijibal
Producer : Rajan Thaliparamb (Dhoha)
Story / Dialogues / Screenplay : Renjith
Makeup : Salim Kadakka
Lyrics : Anil Panachooran
Editor : Renjen Abraham
Stills : Rajesh

Watching ‘Nasraani’, it was pretty easy to find that the movie could never hit the wall. Its outcome looked not so bleak considering that this Mammootty fare has more sequences for his fans to stand up and cheer than his recent three movies. Executed by ace director Joshy on the scripts of another director Renjith, whose track record of creating hits still remains not much modest. The film opened with best of the initials that was fetched by any Malayalam movie this year. But, cued in the conventional current mode, the film is a flattering tribute to ‘action less’ action movies which borrows the essential structure of the recent so called stuffs even while raising its own propaganda against the family rule in politics, that is a regular word in the current scenario.

'Nasraani' is fast paced, slickly made ride in the first half where the script is consistently snappy. It has a little of resourceful plotting and some deft dialogue touches, best seen during Mammootty's discourse running all through the movie. The film plays out as a well funded Movie, complete with over the top performances but toward the later half, like all the recent Joshy movies, this too loses its steam.

In the movie, Mammootty is David John Kottarathil, a rich unrestrained planter, known popularly by the fancy name D K. He spends most of his time boozing in the company of his friends in the Cosmo Club, in which he is the care taker and the secretary. He has got a little of tragic stories behind him as his father John accidentally kills Eappachayan, the father of his lady love and is on jail for life. This episode on their engagement day forced D K to stay back from marrying Sara Eapen, a college lecturer, even after 10 years from the incident.

David always roam around enjoying life, even in helicopters, with his driver Sukumaran (Kalabhavan Mani) and is always their to solve the problems of the club. In the film he has even a whopping introduction scene, which has him landing his helicopter in Sara's college campus and festinating her away to a lone mountain top to celebrate 10 years of living apart.

All is going not so bad for D K, till Annie (Mukta) a medical student and Sara's half sister who is taken cared by David, is accused by the police for committing the murder of Benny, an upcoming politician and the son of political king and former Revenue Minister M C Paul (Vijayraghavan) . With supportive evidences and witnesses, Police is all the way around to seize the girl who is said to have taken revenge and killed the future prospects of Malankara Congress, for having ditched one of her best friend who committed suicide following Benny's rejection!

Benny's untimely death has created upsets to the carefully laid plans of M C Paul to project his son to the top by making him an M L A in the Kadathuruthy by-election. Paul, who is other wise a family friend of David, now turns against him, as David is now in the mission to save Annie from the related problems. Aided by the villainous son Xavichan (Biju Menon) and top officials of the police, Paul is all set to make David's life a mess. The only way out for D K is now to find out and bring in the original culprits before the public and the law. And in the way, he is also to expose the family leadership pattern that is inherent in many parties including Malankara Congress and the police- politician nexus that is threatening the state.

The biggest minus of the film is the screenplay which rarely packs the punch line sequences that are the back borne to these kinds of films. The movie is essentially for the fans and general audience may not relish too much as the story point scores less. The first half of the film is alright but with innumerable sequences which moves past with every characters in the frame holding liquor glasses, works out like a video campaign for the associated labels. The second half slows down a bit. Joshy struggles hard to hold the film together, even though neither material nor execution makes his task enviable. The later half and the climax is the biggest yawn with, implausible melo- dramatic series of twists and turns that continues for long. The rather preachy final mishmash is neither realistic nor stylish.

The movie does have its moments - It works on its own terms, as a colorful adventure whose clich├ęs and silliness will be acceptable to regular viewers because they're typical of the genre. Ranjit and Joshy repeats their stereotyped protagonist of a macho man, ever powerful even to make the CM behave as per their schedules. Mammootty as D K pass over the role with little effort which have him presenting casual comedies, soft romance and punch lines with equal consummate skills. Vimala as Sara also manages to infuse her cool dude character with some charisma when the meandering screenplay allows her to do so. The production values are really excellent. The abundant number of artists and innumerable extras who appear in every alternate scene give a big feel to the movie, evenly supported in camera by Shaji and in sets and art by Joseph Nellikkal-both Joshy regulars. The film also has two passable songs by Anil Panachooran-Biji Bal team.

Director Joshy does a polished, workmanlike job, assembling a package attractive in its visual elements rather than its content. Any way the film proves once again the crowd pulling abilities of the mega star. And ultimately it was the thing that was essentially expected from the flick. So, to watch Mammootty and nothing much more, just have a try.

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