Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mammootty, Prithviraj in Pokkiri Raja Review

Debutant director Vyshak, the assistant to hit directors Joshey and Johny Antony has brought out a movie which has the positive qualities of both directors. Vyshak has brought the richness of Tamil film to Malayalam, better than anyone who has tried that before.

Pokkiri Raja begins twenty years prior to the present time and the situation prompts Raja (Mammootty) to go in prison and then to Madurai five years later. He becomes a successful Goonda and grows in power and wealth. Fifteen years passed by, Raja takes a kottation to kill a man named Surya in Kerala, but later recognizes that it was his own blood brother. The first part of the film has importance to Prithviraj until the Mega star arrives. The punch dialogues in post interval session have made the audience go crazy with their love for the star.

Youth icon of the year Prithviraj as Mammootty's brother attracts the audience with his punching fists, dancing legs and comedy oriented dialogues. With this film he proved to be next only to the Big M's (in which ever order you place the 'M'). Shreya's debut into Malayalam as Prithviraj's heroine adds Oooooommps. The film doesn't have a single dull moment and will be enjoyable for family audience.

Salim Kumar as novelist Manoharan Mangolodayam and Suraj Venjarammoodu as Police officer work hand in hand to add fun to the scenes. Udayakrishna and Sibi K. Thomas proved yet another time that they remain unchallenged in the field since they know, what the movie going audience need. Visuals are beautifully enhanced from Shaji's camera. New editor Mahesh Narayanan is fast paced.

Music by Jassie Gift is fresh and moves every hip. B.G score by Rajamani is impressive. The film is done in a festive mood and keeps up with the standard and expectations it gave through the teasers.

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