Monday, May 31, 2010

Mammootty stays connected!

Mammootty has become the first actor in south to buy the new ipad , after his recent trip to the US.

Says Mammootty: “I’m a gadget geek and technology fascinates me. It’s a passion of mine to own every new device for technological advancement in the visual medium.”

Remember more than a decade back, Mammooka was the first actor in south India to make his own web site, when internet had just come in to India. He has the latest fully loaded gadgets and also knows to use them.

Mammootty is one actor who is constantly browsing the net and picking up vital information which allows him to stay ahead. As the star himself confessed : “ I use technology to stay connected with the people and the world.”

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mammootty’s Shikari takes on Mohanlal’s Shikar

Mammootty has started the work of his first Kannada film Shikari near Bangalore. The Megastar has just returned from US, after a 40 day holiday and well deserved break.

Back home he has enough reasons to celebrate as his Pokkiri Raja is a super hit. However the actor has decided to do the first schedule of his Kannada film. Mammootty’s Shikari has him playing a dual role as an IT professional and a hunter who comes as a fantasy character.

At the launch of the film Mammoottty said he liked the script of award winning director Abhaya Simha. The film is set in the pre- and post-independence times. A search is on by the filmmakers for a suitable heroine for the star. The film is being made as a bilingual in Kannada and Malayalam.

Meanwhile Mohanlal is doing a film with Padmakumar with a similar sounding title Shikar. Both the films have been slotted for release on Ramzan day. The fans are already excited about the Shikari versus Shikar battle on September 10.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

‘Cinemakatha’ is Mammootty's next

Mammootty, who is presently on an American tour, will join the sets of his next movie with debutant director Martin Prakkat, by the first week of next month. The movie which is titled as ‘Oru Cinemakatha’ will feature Mammootty as a teacher who has a secret but intense liking for acting in movies.

Produced by Naushad in the banner of Big Screen, the movie's story will also be by the director who is originally a famous fashion photographer based in Kerala. Famous cinematographer Ajayan Vincent will come together for the first time, with the megastar shooting for the film at locales in Kochi and Ottapalam.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mammootty is the most popular Malayali

Megastar Mammootty has been selected as the most popular Malayali in the world in a poll conducted by the Asian Television Awards.

The poll was conducted by Asian Television Awards 2010, which were held in Dubai on Friday (May 14).

Mammootty beat Mohanlal and Resul Pookutty to clinch the Most Popular Malayali title in a world-wide gallop poll. Mammootty, who turned up at the event said: "This award proves that it has not affected the Malayalis' judgment. This award proves that no outside force was able to displace the icons in their mind.”

Later in his acceptance speech the actor said: "I am incredibly happy and thankful to all those Malayalis who chose me as their dearest star and I am proud of each and every Malayali in the Gulf, Kerala and the world over.”

Pokkiri Raja beats T:20 record!

Mammootty and Prithviraj’s mass masala entertainer Pokkiri Raja, has created box-office history by collecting a distributors share of Rs 2 crore 21 lakhs in its opening week from 110 screens in India (90 of them are in Kerala).

As per trade sources: “Pokkiri Raja has scored at the box-office by beating the existing record of Twenty:20, which did Rs 2.03 crore in the first week. The single biggest share is from Kozhikode Apsara (Rs 8.75 lakh), followed by Kavita, Ernakulam (Rs 7.67 lakh).

The critics may not like the film, but masses are freaking out on it. However the trade is not willing to give Mammootty full credit for the film. Says a theatre owner from Malabar area of the state where the film is doing extraordinary business: “ Mammooka appears only towards the interval point of the film. It is Prithviraj who carries the show. I would give the younger actor 55 percent for the success of the film.” Says a prominent theatre owner from Thiruvananthapuram district: “Both Mammookka and Prithviraj fans worked in tandem for the success of the film.” Any which way you lookPokkiri Raja, is surely the biggest hit of the year so far.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

‘Pokkiri Raja’, biggest hit so far

The only mass masala entertainer that came out this summer ‘Pokkiri Raja’ has created another box office history surpassing the record first week initial made by the muti-starrer ‘Twenty:20'. While Mammootty and Prithviraj flick collected distributors share of Rs 2 crore 25 lakhs in its opening week from 110 screens, ‘Twenty:20’ had it at 2.13 crores. The only movie with a stronger first week remains to be the last year's magnum opus ‘Pazhassi Raja’ which managed to bring in 4.85 crores in the first week.
As per trade sources ‘Pokkiri Raja’ has scored best in the north where the biggest share came at Kozhikode Apsara (Rs 8.75 lakh), followed by Kavita, Ernakulam (Rs 7.67 lakh) and Thiruvananthapuram (Rs 6.30 lakh). The trade analysts say that its is due to the convincing balancing between the two major stars, their onscreen camaraderie and the works of the two fans associations in tandem that has resulted in such a big success. Contrary to the most of the critical comments, ‘Pokkiri Raja’ seems to be one movie that has worked out of the expectations this year, creating its effects on 'Pappy Appacha' and 'In Ghost House Inn', which has lost out in earnings. ‘In Ghost House Inn’ has already pasted a countdown 100 days poster to lessen the audience loss.
‘Pokkiri Raja’ which was released in another 26 centres in out of the state has also opened reasonably well. The Tamilish takings and dialects widely used will also help the movie to bring in another 50 lakhs from the out of state centres. The movie is also expected to earn 2.40 crores as satellite rights. The movie has already brought in another one crore, while settling its other rights. And with the current scheme of things, the movie will bring in the capital spend on it in another 14 days on theatres. With no real competition form any new releases expected in this time period, ‘Pokkiri Raja’ will make better of the chances, this summer.

Friday, May 14, 2010

‘Pokkiri Raja’ wins hand down

In the fight for the vacation winner between M and M's of Mollywood, ‘Pokkiri Raja’ seems to have won the race hands down. The Mohanlal flick for the season ‘Alexander, The Great’, though was an inspiring attempt taking inspirations from the Oscar winner 'Rainman' somehow got out of competition from the day one. The Mohanlal fans were not even ready to take the film due to peculiar reasons, which made it a hold over in some centres of the north on the second day.
While 'Mammootty-Prithviraj' fan's combined strength has shown itself for ‘Pokkiri Raja’, as the film seems to have managed to satisfy the fans of both the stars. The extraordinary opening that the movie displayed at the Box Office has helped it to take a return around two crores producer share in the first week itself.
Meanwhile Sathyan Anthikkad's ‘Katha Thudarum’ has as usual, taken a slow start and is expected to grow with audience as days go by.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mammootty's second Kannada flick

One of the most accomplished actors of India, Malayalam superstar Mammootty, who debuted in Kannada with Love in 2005, is getting ready for his second Kannada film titled Shikari to be directed by Abhay Sinha. According to sources, the actor will play a double role: the first as a software techie and the second as a freedom fighter. The movie deals with the pre- and post-independence conditions in India.

The story and screenplay are by the director himself. This Kannada-Malayalam bilingual film will roll on 20th May in Bangalore at a private apartment. In Malayalam, Mammootty will pen the dialogues. Anmol Bhave will score the music, while Vikram Shrivatsa cranks the camera. The film is produced by veteran K. Manju.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Pokkiri Raja Movie Stills, Pokkiri Raja Images, Pokkiri Raja Photos

Cast: Mammootty,Prithviraj,Sneha,Shriya Saran,

Director: Vyshakh Abraham

Producer : Tomichan Mulakupadam

Music: Jassie Gift

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Pokkiri Raja is instant hit

As expected and predicted by the trade, The Mammootty-Prithviraj starrer ‘Pokkiri Raja’ has managed to open with hundred percent initials. The first day viewers were particularity happy with the way the movie has handled the stardom of these two actors.

The movie, though with a regular thread, is expected to bag in the capita, spent on it in another three weeks. While the other two releases, ‘Alexander The Great’ and ‘Katha Thudarum’ has also met with good word of mouth, the lack of publicity seems to have affected the prospects of the former. The Lal film may manage to bring in audience, if it increases the publicity measures in the coming weeks.

'Katha Thudarum'- the Sathyan film is sure to win the hearts of the family audience in the long run, with its effective mix of melodrama and family sentiments.

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mammootty, Prithviraj in Pokkiri Raja Review

Debutant director Vyshak, the assistant to hit directors Joshey and Johny Antony has brought out a movie which has the positive qualities of both directors. Vyshak has brought the richness of Tamil film to Malayalam, better than anyone who has tried that before.

Pokkiri Raja begins twenty years prior to the present time and the situation prompts Raja (Mammootty) to go in prison and then to Madurai five years later. He becomes a successful Goonda and grows in power and wealth. Fifteen years passed by, Raja takes a kottation to kill a man named Surya in Kerala, but later recognizes that it was his own blood brother. The first part of the film has importance to Prithviraj until the Mega star arrives. The punch dialogues in post interval session have made the audience go crazy with their love for the star.

Youth icon of the year Prithviraj as Mammootty's brother attracts the audience with his punching fists, dancing legs and comedy oriented dialogues. With this film he proved to be next only to the Big M's (in which ever order you place the 'M'). Shreya's debut into Malayalam as Prithviraj's heroine adds Oooooommps. The film doesn't have a single dull moment and will be enjoyable for family audience.

Salim Kumar as novelist Manoharan Mangolodayam and Suraj Venjarammoodu as Police officer work hand in hand to add fun to the scenes. Udayakrishna and Sibi K. Thomas proved yet another time that they remain unchallenged in the field since they know, what the movie going audience need. Visuals are beautifully enhanced from Shaji's camera. New editor Mahesh Narayanan is fast paced.

Music by Jassie Gift is fresh and moves every hip. B.G score by Rajamani is impressive. The film is done in a festive mood and keeps up with the standard and expectations it gave through the teasers.

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

‘Pokkiri Raja’ from tomorrow

One of the much expected films of the year 'Pokkiri Raja' will get to theatres tomorrow. The movie is expected to make a big release on 114 centres all across India, including its 85 centres in Kerala.

This first time coming together of Mammootty and Prithviraj in full length roles and is expected to be a big hit as preview reports shows it to be a fine racy thriller with a good climax. Directed by debutant Vyshakh, the movie is almost around 160 minutes with three songs and six fight sequences. Written by Udhay Krishna-Sibi K Thomas, the movie also presents glamour girl Shriya Saran to Malayalam.

Mammootty's and Prithviraj's fans association have planned for a very big welcome for the movie, which will start its shows from 8 am at theatres tomorrow.

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