Friday, October 30, 2009

Pazhassi to courts

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The magnum opus historical ‘Pazhassi Raja’ will soon be a theme for heated debates in courts. According to an organisation based on Mananthavady in Wayanad district, plans are on to file a suit against the makers of the historical for making a movie that is not agreeable to the known facts and life history of Pazhassi. This society is collecting enough evidences so that their stand will be supported by the court, which they think will direct the makers to stop showing a movie with a manipulated story, that too about a real life hero who was the first freedom fighter of the country. They are planning to file the suit by the second of November so that the movie may get stayed before it reaches the audiences in other states.

Any how, the general public and the industry men seems to be much averse to this attempt, as all feels that this is a time to stand together to support one of the finest movie made in Mollywood.

Mammootty for Volleyball

The only Megastar of Malayalam Mammootty, has been always instrumental in participating in every type of social service promotions that he thinks of utility for public. In the past he had been the ambassador for many projects like ‘Akshaya’.

The star, who is also a former volleyball player, is now going to endorse the game of Volleyball. He has agreed to be the brand ambassador of Kerala Volleyball League (KVL) that is planned to be held from February 20 to 28, next year. The actor is in great spirits to endorse the game in the state as he finds its more visually appealing and extremely poplar. He expects KVL to become the next big blockbuster of Kerala.

KVL planned in the same lines to IPL will have six franchised district teams participating in the round robin format. The bidding for the franchisee teams will take place, next month at Kochy.
Film Actress Hot Photo gallery
Tamil Actor Surya Photo gallery
Malayalam super star mammootty
prithviraj Photo gallery
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mohanlal movies,photo gallery,wallpapers
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Malayalam Movie Review : Pazhassi Raja

After a long waiting, the movie Pazhassi Raja reached the theatres last friday. The movie is all about the story of the Prince who led the war against the British in kerala - Yes Pazhassi Kerala Varma. The movie is produced on the biggest budget ever in Mollywood, it is also an offering from the masters of the media, including Mammootty, M T Vasudevan Nair and Hariharan.
Moreover, there are a plenty of other great names including Rasul pookuuty, Ilayaraja, Sharath Kumar and a plenty of others whose credits itself demand interest.

Expectations are obviously sky high. And the question is whether it has lived up? And the big answer is 'yes’. The movie is indeed a masterpiece, which grab your attentions from the word go, taking the acceptable cinematic liberties to keep your attention all through, though in a story that everyone knows very well. Set in the final years of seventeenth century, the brilliant writer in M T has taken extreme caution to avoid the complications in narrating history. He goes by the safer path , concentrating more on pazhassi and his men and just giving out the necessary touches of historical facts .And thus the movies gallops over the first barricade of just being a realistic historical.

The movie begins with the Britisher's decision to levy heavy takes from the local rajahs. Pazhassi who belonged to the Kottayam Royal family of Thalassery region oppose this and becomes the first ruler from the state for British, to be branded as a big enemy to fight it out. Pazhassi who is forced to flee from the his palace starts a carefully planned counter action ,with the aid of his trusted lieutenant Edachena Kunkan, Sharath Kumar, Kaithery Ambu (Suresh Krishna). He gets the full fledged support from the kirichiers and tribes headed by Thalakkal Chandhu and Neeli who fights the Britishers wit Guerrilla warfare , with tribal weapons .British face heavy setbacks in various confrontations and as many as five hundred from British army are killed in fight with Pazhassi. Though Pazhassi was able to surprise the British with his tactics and bravery, traitors like Pazhayawvedam Chandhu helps the British to gain momentum and capture each of Raja's men.

The movie shows the grace of its great names in many a points and it is sure without an expert team of technicians like this, it's just impossible to execute a movie of this magnitude. In terms of visual and creative terrain that this movie covers, the big salute must be given to Rananath Sheety and Venu's mind blowing Camerawork, Ravi Dewan's action direction, splendid costume and art direction by N Muthuraj . The only aspect that could have been better include Ilayaraja’s music and background scores, though songs like'' kunnathe'' are gems which may once again give the desi nightingale ''Chithra'' another big accolade. And some have craved for some more brilliant dialogues form M T, to be planted on the megastar’s character.

Coming to the performances, Mammootty has given a restrained performance as the graceful raaja, but his screen presence and body language is s enough to carry the heavy character with ease. The director also seems to have decided to keep the central character more manly, without heroic build-ups until the last reels. Sharath Kumar comes up in a surprise package, with fantastic heroic looks and emotes well and gives some great action sequences. It is definitely one of the best roles ever by the Tamil Star. Manoj K Jayan and Suresh Krishna, along with Padmapriya and Kaniha, make the movie a treasure of performance with exhilarating performances.

Overall, Pazhassi Raaja remains as a great movie with brilliant direction, solid performances spectacular visuals. Never miss it, of you will be missing a classic, a brilliant tribute to the first freedom fighters who fought a valiant battle realising the inherent death, but to safeguard their honour and their land.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Elaborate preparations for receiving Pazhassi

After much waiting, the magnum opus project of MT- Hariharan-Mammootty team ‘Pazhassi Raja’ will be released in 130 centres across Kerala tomorrow. Starting from the Kerala Government to the local movie fans, the whole of Kerala have already prepared itself to be at the show at the earliest and to receive the greatest films of the times with great cheer and celebration. The State Govt has exempted the film from entertainment tax considering its historic value. Meanwhile the various fans associations of the star state wide, are on different plans to welcome the grandest affair on Mollywood screen. The huge cutouts of the stars are already before the theatres which has charted the movie for tomorrow. In many district headquarters the prints will be received with Panchavadhyam, Sinkari Melam, sweet distributions and vehicle rallies. While the fans has already planned a five day long welcome celebration at Ernakulam where the movie will be released in three centres, the first day viewers at Thrissur will all wear white attires and badges printed with the stars photo. In Kollam city alone 100 flux boards of the star are erected at all various important venues.

The Tamil version of the movie will be released on October 30. The English, Hindi and Telugu versions of the movie which are also ready will be released later, this year. The movie which was originally at a length of three and a half hours was cut short to three hours to ensure it as a fast moving film, that will interest every type of viewers. I am sure that this visual splendor made at 26 crores will be accepted by the Malayalee viewers say the producer of the movie, Gokulam Gopalan of the Gokulam films.

The historical which also present a true love story of ‘Pazhassi Raja’ with Kaitheri Maakkam will give further lights to the first ever Indian freedom fight against the British, led by Pazhassi with the support of Kaitheri Ambu, Edachena Kungan, Thalakkal Chandu and many other brave men. While superstar Mammootty dons the role of ‘Pazhassi Raja’ and Kanika dons the role of Maakam. Tamil super star Sarath Kumar debuts in Mollywood playing the role of Edachena Kungan. Telugu- Kannada actor Suman dons the role of Pazhyaveedan Chandu who is the villain. Thilakan dons the role of Kurubranad King who stood against ‘Pazhassi Raja’. Jagathy Sree Kumar dons the role of Kannara Menon, who was an employee of British Government. While Manoj K Jayan dons the role of Chandu, the leader of Kuruchiar fighters, Padmapriya is Chandu's wife Neeli. Suresh Krishna appaears as Kaitheri Ambu. 'Pazhassi Raja' which was shot at Kannur, Thalasseri, Neelishvaram, Chennai, Kudagu, Madikeri, Mysore and Mannarkad also features many British, German and Mumbai based actors.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Playhouse with ‘Raavu Maayumpol’

The production-distribution firm Playhouse led by Mammootty had been bold enough to give a helping hand to films like ‘Rithu’ and ‘Kaana Kanmani’. While the former turned out to be profit maker for Playhouse, the later didn't fare better at the Box office, though it was released during Onam. Anyhow, Playhouse has started the plans for its first movie as the producer. Their first project will be ‘Raavu Maayumpol’ to be directed by Renjith. The movie will have the mega star as the hero.

Meanwhile, Renjith and Mammootty's new movie ‘Palery Maanikyam’, Oru Pathiraakolapathakathinte Katha’ has already completed its shoots and will reach the theatres by this November.

No ticket rise; Pazhassi for 16

The fans of the megastar will have a big sigh of relief as Gokulam films, the producers of magnum opus ‘Pazhassi Raja’ have decided not to pursue the demand for a ticket hike. The movie will now release on 16th as per the recent intimations. The fans associations of the star have been making all the grand arrangements to receive the biggest of Mammootty's movies. The movie is expected to open in 120 centres in the state of Kerala, for this Diwali.

Quite a few will also remember the fate of Mammootty's another big budget movie ‘Dubai’ which came almost a decade ago. The movie makers also decided for a ticket hike - double the rate for the initial few days - But the movie sank in the Box Office within a day, with little viewers coming up to watch the movie buying the astronomically priced tickets. And it never really regained the lost initial collections and still ‘Dubai’ is cited as the biggest debacle in the career of the megastar.

The only movie that managed the tempo even with a ticket raise was AMMA's ‘Twenty: 20’. The movie was offered with a 50 percent ticket raise for the first three days. But the trick worked in favour of the movie, as it paraded almost all popular stars of the industry in smaller or bigger roles. ‘Twenty: 20’ easily went on to become one of the biggest hits of last year.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Proud to be with Mammootty-Sarath

Tamil star Sarath Kumar, who is sharing the screen with Mammootty for the magnum opus ‘Pazhassi Raja’ is much excited about the project and its outcome. The actor find it as his pride to get an opportunity to act along side Mammootty who is donning the title role in the movie. “Mammootty is an amazing actor who doesn't have any starry airs around him. It is quite exciting to watch him act and now we are thick friends.'' observes Sarath Kumar.

‘Pazhaasi Raja’, will have Sarath Kumar as Edachena Kunkkan, the army chief of the raja.

The historical movie, completed in around 25 crores is expected to grace the theatres by next week as a Diwali release in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

‘Pazhassi Raja’ asks raise in ticket price

‘Pazhassi Raja’ has been made with limitless grandeur and stars. Obviously, the makers of the movie are in a fix as to how to compensate the total movie’s expense that mounts to nearly 25 crores.

Now it seems the producer Gokulam Gopalan has requested the Kerala Government to bring 50 percent hike in the ticket price. A practice which has been followed for such movies earlier, the Govt. will now have to grant a special order to recover the budget through the hiked tickets.

However, the State’s CPM government don’t seem to be happy with this demand, as the hike won’t be favourable to the common people.

Well, already ‘Pazhassi Raja’ has been postponing its arrival, looks like this issue will further add to its delay.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Malayalam movie Pazhassi raja video trailer

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PazhassiRaja happens to be the Malayalam movie released with highest production cost with a 27 crores.Mammooty is the lead role in the movie,It is directed by the veteran malayalam movie director Hariharan and scripted by the famous MT vasudevan Nair,This team have delivered so many meg hits in malayalam cinema industry namely Vadakan veeragatha which gave a national award for mamooty and panchagni,Sargam etc of this mohanlal was teh hero in panchagni.PAzhassi raja songs are doen by ilayaraja and kanika is in the lead role.Another factor that makes PAzhaasiraja special is the presence of tamil superstar SarathKumar.Anyways PazhassiRaja will release in 600 theaters in october 16.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Mammootty is busy even in Tamil

Mammootty is just now free out of the historical project ‘Pazhassi Raja’, moreover it’s amazing to know that he got just 60 lakhs as remuneration for this one!

Sources close to the film had it that earlier Mammootty had intended to act as the Malayalam King Sundharapotta Veeran for free. But as the producer and the director insisted him to take the salary saying that it is not a full art film, the actor got this minimal pay. This historical action entertainer has Tamil star Sarath Kumar in one of the key roles. ‘Pazhassi Raja’ will be released in 4 languages including Hindi.

On the other hand, Mammootty has started a fresh round in Tamil recently. Apart form the release of ‘Pazhassi Raja’ in Tamil, the actor will also be seen in ‘Aaruvadai’. He is also signed up for Sanjai Ram’s ‘Lingam’, Ramesh Kanna’s ‘Rajamanikkam’. Sources say that the actor will be donning powerful character roles in these Tamil movies.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

‘Pazhassi Raja’ postponed

The release of the magnum opus, ‘Pazhassi Raja’ “which was charted for tomorrow is now postponed for a further date. The movie which is rumored to be made on a budget of 25 cores, was held back from theatres as the director demanded some final corrections after its DI work. The movie was originally scheduled to reach the 120 theatres across Kerala by tomorrow. The movie will now take one or more weeks, to get into theatres after the suggested corrections.”

‘Pazhassi Raja’, which will go for a simultaneous release in five languages with 500 prints will have a dozen of big names in its star cast, apart from its Star studded crew which includes veteran director Hariharan, MT Vasudevan Nair, Oscar award winner Resul Pookutty, Illayaraja, T. Muthuraj, Ramanatha Shetty, Sreekar Prasad and Ravi Divan.

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