Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Henry blames Mammootty!

Vande Matharam producer Henry has made serious allegation against Mammooty after the film bombed miserably.

Henry in a television interview said: “The film was delayed because of Mammootty who lost interest in the project, and delayed its release. He sleep walked through the film and was wooden in action scenes especially the climax and could not do stunt scenes. “

. Henry, said that due to all this, a large portion of the film had to be edited. Remember that Henry is a veteran producer and has made one of Mammootty’s best films of the 80’s, the KG George directed Yavanika.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Mammootty with Ranjith again after Pranchiyettan and the Saint

After the big success of his new movie ‘Pranchiyettan and the Saint’, Mega Star Mammootty is once again join its director Ranjith for a new movie.

But this time Ranjith will not be directing the flick, but will only write the script. This new project will be directed by G S Vijayan who had been away from the industry for quite some time. Ranjith will also be associated as a producer as this project will be produced under his banner, Capitol Theatre.

Ranjith is also riding high on the critical acclaim that his recent movies like Palery Manickyam, Kerala Cafe and Pranchiyettan has received. He has also decided not to return to pucca masala fare that was the back born of his earlier hits.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vande Matharam Movie Review

Movie:Vande Matharam
Banner: Pankaj Productions
Cast: Mammotty,Sneha, Arjun, Kalabhavan, VMC Haneefa, Sumitra, Riaz Khan
Direction: T. Aravinda Raj
Production: Henry
Music: Vidyasagar

Mammootty in Vande Matharam plays Gopikrishnan who has been assigned the task of cracking down a proposed terrorist operation in South India. Arjun plays his assistant Anwar and together they get down to some serious terrorist nabbing. Gopikrishnan and Anwar spend the first half of the film tracing phone calls and chasing people around highways. A few bombs explode here and there which I believe is expected to make the situation even more tense. Gopikrishnan runs after the invisible enemy while Anwar climbs buildings and jumps off unbelievable heights.

The investigation proceeds through incredibly weird situations that would have you blinking your eyes in disbelief. For instance, there is this whole lot of time spent on a bird sanctuary, where pelicans from across the world come to roost. The officers get all perked up when they realize that the terrorists have been using more 'natural' ways to communicate with each other.

Finally, they zero in on the one terrorist who has been planning it all. They manage to capture him, but aren't able to get a confession from him. The man remains tight lipped all the while, and then somebody murmurs that psychological treatment is the only form of inquiry left. And it does see some light when the man utters his daughter's name.

I couldn't for the life of me understand what Gopikrishnan was doing in front of a television screen watching video footage of the terrorist's daughter speaking to her mom. Did he actually have some cameras installed in that remote Pakistan village and keep them under surveillance?

As for the poor terrorist, he has a sob story to tell. He has a daughter who refuses to go to school because of a stammer. And what does the terrorist, who is a father first and a dreaded criminal second do? He promises her that he will return with all the money that is required to cure her of her disability.

The final fifteen minutes of the film that has plenty of real drama thrown is unbelievably mindless. The officers attempt to create a make-believe world for the criminal and lead him onto that very important declaration of guilt. Things soon get worse as the drama gets more and more implausible. Imagine a woman officer being sent into the cell of a hardcore terrorist without even as much as a soul or a security officer around!

Mammootty has absolutely nothing to do in this film except playing the commanding officer who just has to utter commands. Arjun puts in his share of a few daredevil stunts, but the script offers him nothing either. Sneha walks in and out of the film in a cameo that's barely impressive. The three songs in the film do not serve much purpose either. They are neither hummable nor aesthetically picturised.

Vandemataram obviously has been made on an exorbitant budget. The done to death patriotic theme receives no fresh makeover in the film. If only it had paid more attention to that feeble script instead of raking up all that clatter and clamor on screen, would it have made more sense.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Iam happy my films won eight national awards says Mammootty

Mammootty missed out on the best actor award, but the Malayalam superstar says he is happy that two films he acted in - Kutty Srank and Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja - had bagged eight national awards between them. Kutty Srank director Shaji N Karun too said he was overjoyed.

Amitabh or Mammootty: Who deserved the National Award more?

"Honestly, I feel proud that the films I acted in have won eight awards. I feel really happy. You see my job is to act and I will keep on acting and try my best," Mammootty said over the phone from Shimoga in Karnataka, where he is shooting the film Shikari.

Kutty Srank, which is produced and distributed by Big Pictures, won five awards including the best feature; special jury; best costume designer award for Jayakumar as well as best cinematography and best screenplay (original) awards for Anjuli Shukla and P F Mathews-Harikrishna respectively.

Southern music maestro Illaiyaraja bagged the award for best background score for Kerala Verma Pazhassi Raja, which also won the best Malayalam film award. Resul Pookutty got the best sound designer for the same film.

Kutty Srank saw Shaji N Karun and Mammootty join hands for the first time. And the filmmaker is overjoyed with the string of awards.

"I am very happy as a Malayali to have got this award. I have done four films and three of my films have won the National Award and I am happy," he said.

Amitabh or Mammootty: Who deserved the National Award more?

The film is about the story of a character [Mammootty] told from three different perspectives - by three women he was involved with at different stages of his life.

Oscar Award winner Resul Pookutty said he is elated with the national recognition.

"The work I did for the film Pazhasi Raja was different because the sound played a crucial role in the film," said Pookutty.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mammootty’s website hacked!

Superstar Mammootty’s official website was hacked. The homepage showed a message that a hacker from Saudi Arabia has taken over control of the website.

However, the actor was able to restore his website the very next day

The hacker used the name ‘shoor’ and a game over note was left on homepage. Mammootty came to know about the hacking within a few minutes of the site being hacked .

He had taken security measures against hacking but the precautions were broken by the hacker.

Mammootty, a techie himself was able to restore his website within a few hours after it was hacked.

Kutty Shrank bagged the award for the best film

Director Shaji N Karun's 'Kutty Shrank' bagged the award for the best film in the National Awards announced today.

The movie bagged another four major awards including Best Cinematography for Anjali Shukla, Best Screenplay for P F Mathews and Harikrishna and Best Costumes for Jayakumar.

Mammootty's magnum opus 'Pazhassi Raja' was named the best Malayalam film. The movie also won awards for Best Sound Recording, Best Background Scoring and Best Editing for Rasool Pookkutty, Illayaraja and Sreekar Prasad respectively.

Malayalam movie shone in the awards fetching 11 major awards in various sections. The other awards for Mollywood includes the one for Keshu (best Children's film), Hasna (special award for best child artist) and C S Venkateshwaran (Best writing on cinema).

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pranchiyettan and the Saint cast,review,story,trailor

Direction: Renjith
Producer: Capitol Films
cast : Mammootty, Priya mani, Innocent, Jesse Fox Allen
Music: Ouseppachan

* Mammootty as Chirammal Enashu Francis, a rich rice vendor but uneducated and is always in search of some easy way to get respectable positions in society. He is also known as “Pranchiyettan” and “Arippranchi”, a nickname he always hates.
* Priya mani as Padmashree, a Mumbai-based interior decorator who hails from Thrissur.
* Innocent as Vasu Menon, a close friend of Pranchi.
* Jesse Fox Allen as the Saint.
* Siddique as Dr. Jose, a former classmate of Pranchi.
* Khushboo as Dr. Omana, a former classmate of Pranchi and wife of Dr. Jose
* Jagathy Sreekumar as Deena Dayal, an idealistic teacher, who lives as per Gandhian principles and leads a simple life.


Pranchiyettan hails from a rich family that is traditionally into the business of selling rice. But he has an inferiority complex about the fact that he is not that educated. And so Pranchiyettan hankers for social acceptance. He simply cannot understand why people who are less affluent than him can get respectable positions in society. And so he is always in search of some easy way to get there, with the help of friends like Vasu Menon (Innocent).

But sadly for him, that kind of acceptance always eludes him. He hates his nickname, “Arippranchi”, which he got as a result of the family rice business. To get rid of the nickname he starts a jewellery shop only to have people call him “Arippranchi the jeweller”.

Padmashri (Priyamani) is a Mumbai-based interior decorator who hails from Thrissur. She invites Pranchiyettan to inaugurate a painting exhibition, after learning about his generosity. It is Dr. Omana (Khushboo), the wife of Dr. Jose (Siddique), who introduces Padmashri to Pranchiyettan. The latter is the couple’s former schoolmate.

After a while, Pranchiyettan realises the futility of yearning for acceptance. Meanwhile he meets a 15-year-old boy named Poly (Master Ganapathi). Pranchiyettan’s interactions with Poly changes his perception of life.

Pranchiyettan and the Saint, Cast, Crew, Story, Review, Release Date, Promo, Trailer

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Mammootty's 'Vande Matharam’ shifted

Mammootty's big budgeted bilingual ‘Vande Matharam’ has shifted its release for yet another week. The movie which was expected to be on theatres today, couldn't deliver the prints to the charted theatres as it is said to be enmeshed with some financial problems.

The movie which also features Arjun and Sneha in the lead is said to be a hi-fi action thriller.

Meanwhile, Mammootty's other movie ‘Pranchiyettan And The Saint’ has made to 65 centres today. A satirical family flick, the movie is intensely promoted by the trade. Mammootty's Thrissur slang featured elaborately in the promos has already become the point of talk in the circuits.

A low budgeted movie shot in around 38 days, 'Pranchiyettan' is expected to gather benefits, if its initial hype translates into collections.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mammootty turned 57 yesterday

Megastar Mammootty turned 57 yesterday. As usual with any other day, he was busy acting his heart out for his new movie 'Best Actor'. A fitting title for a movie for a star of 30 years of success to act through on his birthday, the actor desisted from any big celebrations. A practicing religious man, Mammootty also made it clear that since it is in the month of Ramadan, he can continue with only two activities-work and prayer.

The most accomplished actor of our times with a Padma Shri and a number of Best actors trophies, Mammootty had been a winner all the way, be it in heart felting characters on screen or as a men of principles off screen. He had already completed more than 300 films, won three national awards, 10 Filmfare awards and three state awards in his career.

This birthday weekend will be a special one for Mammootty as his two films are gearing up for the season, to get released on the same day. His ‘Pranchiyettan and the Saint’ and ‘Vande Mathram’ will be on theatres by this Friday to add to his big list of enchanting hits.